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I can’t believe it’s already June 1st!  May was such an amazing month that I almost hate for it to end.  I loved being able to celebrate a dream of being featured in Artful Blogging.   I also loved being able to tell all of you, my friends and readers, thank you by offering giveaways featuring hobbies and ministries I’m passionate about.  Yes, May has been a great month!

celebrate shadow

In looking forward to June, there’s also much excitement.  Tomorrow the kids finish the school year.  Not only is that a huge yea from the kids but also from the parents!  We are all looking forward to moving along in our own pace for a bit.  Times away, library trips, visiting local hot spots, summer BBQ’s, they’re all on the agenda for the summer.   As we leave May behind, we continue in our celebration spirit for the summer and what’s to come!  What are you celebrating today?

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