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popcorn at the fountain

One thing this family loves is popcorn.  The sound of the kernels hitting the pan always brings excitement from the kiddos.  “Popcorn!”  The magic that results as the heat warms the pan brings an aroma that fills the house.  Love it!

Eating popcorn
he really was happy despite the look on his face 🙂

Popcorn @ the fountain

The kids and I went for a little popcorn treat outside the house yesterday.  Our local Popcorn Papa has more flavors than you can count.  You can sample any flavor you want.  We sampled a few and then decided on our flavors, cheese (for the kids) and sun dried tomato (for me).

Pose @ the fountain

Fountain shoot

Then we headed to one of our favorite spots, the fountain!  I love sitting by the fountain listening to the sounds of the water.  If not for the heat, we could have sat for hours.  Instead 40 minutes was about all we could handle otherwise the passersby would have seen 3 people splashing around that water!

When I want to travel lighter I love using the Instagram app (user name jenprice) on my iPhone!

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