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Well, friends, today officially marks the beginning of summer holiday for us!  The kids finished school yesterday and everyone is thrilled for the break.  Being the last week of school, we’ve been up to our eyeballs in school activities…definitely a fun way to end out the school year.

break dancing

The 3rd and 4th grade put on a talent show and it was so much fun!  Joshua and a group of his friends did some break dancing, and it was awesome.  I didn’t even know he had it in him!  I realize this picture is blurry, but I felt it a perfect one for the blog so as not to show the other kid’s faces.  If you can’t tell, that’s Jman busting a move!

gold medal

The next day the kids had their awards ceremony.  We were very proud of Joshua receiving a gold medal for getting commended scores in both his math and reading on his TAKS test.  It’s a lot of pressure on those kids to pass, so we celebrate his achievement in not only passing but being one of five in his class to get commended! 

kindergarten celebration

Yesterday, on the last day of school, was the Kindergarten celebration.  Those five and six year olds put on a beautiful performance singing several songs related to what they’ve learned in class.  They were so cute!  They received certificates and a hug from their teacher.  Off they go to first grade!  Oh, my!

That’s been a glimpse into my week!  How about yours?

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