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This week I am highlighting some of my favorite pics of my kids from 2009 and the corresponding post from my archives.   It’s amazing how much they grow in two years!  This post originally published July 23, 2009.  Not only can I see how much my kids have grown but how much my niece has grown!  And thankfully, we still haven’t had any broken bones!


A beautiful sunny afternoon, sitting on the grass with Anneke as the kids laughed and played outside, commenting on how Zoe has seemed to grow up overnight.

drainage ditch


walking through the roots

I hear my name but don’t see the youngsters. As the sound grows louder, I see them walking up the newly dug drainage ditch. They convince me to follow them on this adventure in the dirt, through the roots. Along the way, Joshua swears he hears a snake and decides this adventure is over. So began the next one that warranted this…

all bandaged up

As I’m standing in the sun’s rays, Joshua runs up screaming, his hand covering the right side of his head. “What happened?” Through tears and explanations, I see that the right side of his head is covered in blood. We quickly go and rinse off the blood. Jeremy and I make a decision to take him to our doctor. Almost closing time, but she graciously agrees to see us. Joshua was beyond relief when she decided against stitches. A butterfly plaster and a bandage (a bit dramatic, she admitted, but necessary to keep it in place overnight) and we were good to go! The next morning it looked like it was healing nicely. And Joshua had a cool head wound to show his friends!

the wound

I’m actually thankful that we haven’t had any broken bones or stitches or anything. I know with a boy it’s inevitable, but for now I’m thankful for that clean bill of health!

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