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adventurous and delicate meet

After leaving Park City, we made our way to Moab.  This part of our trip was a little unplanned.  We knew we were going to camp somewhere in Utah.  Originally we considered Fishlake, but as I talked to Utah resident evo attendees, we decided to take their advice and go to Moab.  Excellent, excellent choice.

setting up the tent
our campsite
playing guitar

We found a cozy spot at Sand Flats and set up the tent for two nights of camping.  The night we arrived was the first rain Moab had received all year (at least according to the McDonald’s employee).  Lucky us.  Nevertheless, it created some wonderful family bonding and memories.

eg & the balance rock

We spent our full day in Moab at Arches National Park.  The view was spectacular.  I’ll let this sampling of photos try to communicate just how spectacular it was.  Sometimes the words just can’t describe.

in the archway

Huge, red rocks beckoned the adventurous spirit in my boy.  He was climbing all over the place, sometimes to the dismay of his worried mama.  On the opposite end of the spectrum was our delicate daughter.  The first mention of her delicateness started in Park City.  At the most convenient times, she reminded us of this (usually when she was tired of hiking).

climbing rocks
at the top

After five hours of scaling rocks like spiderman, we were ready to head back to camp, full of smiles, happy memories, and family bonds…

What’s your favorite way of preserving family vacation memories?

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