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giraffe tongues and hand sanitizer

After we left Utah and the beautiful rocks in Moab, we headed to Colorado Springs.  The scenic drive along the river and the mountains was breathtaking.  I’m so glad we weren’t in a hurry!

hogging the photo

Our first stop in Colorado Springs was to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  After being out of Africa for about a year and a half, we have been missing our African animals!  The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was awesome!  Built into the side of the mountain, we found fun around every corner. 

hard hat area

We loved hearing that several of the elephant came from Kruger National Park.  Right now the zoo is in the middle of a $13.5 million campaign called Encounter Africa which will launch this summer with a new elephant barn.  We were able to put on our hard hats and visit the construction site.  The walking bridge will allow visitors to walk into the barn and see the elephants kick up sand and splash themselves in the splash stall.  The new exhibit includes more room for the elephants to walk around as well as future plans for rhino and lion exhibits.  It was so amazing to see how the zoo is expanding and creating better environments for the animals.

new elephant barn
new elephant barn

feeding the giraffes

My favorite was feeding the giraffe.  Never have I been to a zoo where you could do that!  I’m so glad they had hand sanitizer readily available because those giraffe tongues were all over the place!  I loved how they eagerly waited along the fence line for their food.  They were so cute and friendly!

cool chica

The kids were eager to ride the Mountaineer Sky Ride.  Unfortunately we waited too long and the rains came, closing down the ride.  We went back the next day and rode it to the top.  What a treat to ride right over the tiger cage and see him prowling around for the spectators!

almost like spiderman
help me!

The kids climbed the wall and then we headed back down.  We loved visiting the zoo and especially Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Grizzlies playing with each other, fat snakes, giraffes eating from your hand, how could you not love a day like that?

big, fat snake

Disclosure : My family received passes to the zoo in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Special thanks to Katie for arranging our time and taking us to the elephant barn!  Read my Today’s Mama review here.

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