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her ladybug friend


One of the things that I loved about Colorado was the outdoor culture.  There’s definitely not a shortage of trails and places to explore.  We decided to check out Helen Hunt Falls (free, by the way) and hike to the top.

on the rock

Although Emma G likes the idea of hiking, she often complains partway through that she’s tired. When Jeremy clearly told her that he was not letting her ride piggyback the whole way up, she made a good choice, the right choice, to hike up with a good attitude.  I’m so proud of her for making it to the top!

her ladybug friend

She found a ladybug, or rather a ladybug found her while we were sitting on the rocks.  She cradled that little bug until it eventually flew away.  I think it made the hike worth it for her!

at the falls

The falls are not as beautiful and grand as some I’ve seen, but they’re definitely worth a visit should you find yourself in Colorado Springs!

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