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Well, there were some fantastic guesses on my where {in the world} are we post.  I appreciate all of you playing along with me.  I quite enjoy the suspense of it all!  So are you ready for the big reveal?  Friday, the 5th, we bought tickets to S. Africa, and Monday, the 8th, we were in the air.  It’s not quite as last minute as it sounds, but I’ll talk about all of those details when I get back.
We traveled here via England where we spent two days visiting friends.  Saturday’s photo was taken in the English countryside.  I’ll be posting lots more photos from our fantastic time in England after we get back.  For now, I am thoroughly enjoying being back in S. Africa after being away for a year and a half.  It’s overwhelming, amazing, and great all at the same time.  I’m loving the fact that flowers bloom even in winter, and I’m trying to eat all the foods that seem to only taste good here (prawns and papaya to name a couple).  We’ll be leaving here on Friday and until then we’re knee deep in meetings and hanging out with all the people we’ve so missed.  I have a few posts scheduled this week.  I look forward to sharing more about our time next week as well as catching up on all of your blogs!

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