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sneak peek friday :: videographer?

When I was asked to do photography for our church’s VBS, I thought, “Yeah!  That will be fun!”  I showed up Monday evening ready to capture beautiful smiles, laughing faces, and fun times.  I did capture those things but with different equipment than I had in mind.

The children’s ministry leader informed me that they didn’t have anyone to do video, and could I do that instead.  He kindly informed me that he had the utmost confidence in my ability to do it (which I really appreciated), so I nervously said, “Sure.”


I have never done video (other than short filmings of my precious kids).  I am not a videographer, hence my hesitation, but I did it knowing that it would be stretching, and stretching always brings more growth.  I am learning to take these opportunities that are presented despite the fears and insecurities that may be going on inside.

As artists, I can’t help but wonder how many times we are held back because we feel our abilities will prevent the final product from being perfect.  I know I struggle with that so much.  But I am continually learning to step out, perfect or not, because once again it’s a part of this creative journey I’m on with a creative God!

fun @ vbs

Two days in, I started feeling a little more comfortable with this different equipment, relaxed my shoulders a bit, and even enjoyed something new.  Then I was asked to do interviews which brought a whole new element of stretching.  But you know what I learned?  I was so out of my comfort zone behind the camera, but I think those that I was interviewing felt even more out of their comfort zone.  After I realized that it wasn’t about me, I tried to walk in confidence and do my best to encourage those that I was interviewing.  That’s my learning curve.  Thankfully, I don’t have to do final edits.  That’s an even greater step of growth!  One step (or maybe two) at a time…

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