homemade nut butter

homemade peanut butter

Had I known it was so easy to make homemade nut butter, I would have been doing much sooner.  I’ve always bought natural peanut butter, and thankfully, my family loves it.  Since I’ve been on this journey of making more and more homemade foods, I thought I would add peanut butter to my repertoire.  I was shocked as I researched “recipes” only to find the method was incredibly simple.  Are you ready for this?  Take desired amount of peanuts or nuts of your choosing (I did 3 cups for a pint sized jar).  Pour them into the food processor.  Turn it on and leave it there until nuts turn to butter (it took around 10 minutes or less).  Pour into jar.  That’s it!  You can also roast the nuts first.  I’m going to try this next.  You may also wish to add salt.  I did not, but I might try it at some point.

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