seeing creativity at nasher

We kicked off our anniversary getaway by attending a lecture for the 360 Series at Nasher Sculpture Center.  Sculptor, Tony Cragg, shared his thoughts on creativity and art.

boat sculpture

admiring the sculpture

glass sculpture

blue sculpture

As we walked through the museum after the lecture, I had a revelation of how far I’ve come with embracing creativity. I stood there admiring the intricate detail of his pieces, and I was fascinated.  Then I realized that there was a time when I would have looked at a tall red tower and said, “I don’t get it.  What am I looking at?”  The fact is that I don’t necessarily have to know what I’m looking at.  I love the vastness of creativity and the uniqueness it brings to all of us.

yellow sculpture

red tower

plywood sculpture

looking through

We received free passes to attend the lecture.  You can read my post on Today’s Mama here. 

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