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day at the fair :: fried bubble gum?

Because I have this love for fall, I really wanted to go to the State Fair this year.  I had never been, and it just felt like a fall thing to do (although it was pretty hot the day we went).  We had three free tickets so we teamed up with some friends, rode the DART in, and had a fun day out!

baby pigs

petting the animals

Rides are insanely expensive so while we let the kids ride a few, we tried to take advantage of the free things like the petting zoo (I was a little nervous for the people trying to hand feed the ostriches…after living in S. Africa, you won’t see me going near one) and the Texan sampling where we got some free ice cream and sampled some amazing hot sauce.

ride at the fair

I’m not one for fried food, but I don’t know that you can go to the fair and eat something non-fried.  Non-fried is simply not on the menu.  Jeremy and I shared a turkey leg, and we decided to all share fried bubble gum.  It was, after all, given the award for the most creative at the fair this year.  I’m still not totally sold on a fried marshmallow that tastes like bubble gum, but it was fun to at least try.

eating a turkey leg

mom & jman

fried bubble gum

jman eating fried bubble gum

eg eating fried bubble gum

jeremy eating fried bubble gum

fried bubble gum

The kids were happy to each win one prize to take home, a football for Josh and a blue bear for Miss Emma.  The girl has really been into blue lately although I think she also chose it because it matched her shirt. 🙂

kicking the football

skipping along

Although we didn’t ride it, you can’t go to the state fair and not take a ferris wheel photo. I can’t decide if I like it better at night or during the day.  What do you think?

ferris wheel

I think my favorite part, though, was the pottery the kids made.  Joshua made a bowl and Emma G a vase.  I’m hoping to take them in to the store soon to get fired.  They did such a good job!

making a bowl

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