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my own little susan of narnia

This year, for the carnival festivities, Emma Grace wanted to dress up as Susan from Chronicles of Narnia. As we browsed images online, Susan’s archery dress caught my eye. Inspiration started coming…I could use that oversized velvety looking dress, Jeremy could make a bow and arrow from that tutorial I saw. It all came together beautifully and I only had to invest about $5 into the costume.

too big

Several months ago, my friend gave me a handful of size 12 girl’s dresses. They were brand new, but she didn’t have a need for them, so she passed them along to me to do whatever I liked. I’m so glad the pretty green dress was still intact, because it was perfect for my little Susan. I had never re-sized a piece of clothing before, and I have to admit. It was harder than I thought it would be. There was a lot of ripping out seams, trying on, and re-sizing after my re-sizing, but we were both happy with the end result.

sitting on the branch

by the branch

I had seen a tutorial from Imagine Childhood sometime before the summer months, and pinned it. I love her kid friendly arrows. She suggests putting wine corks on the ends instead of making a point. I passed the tutorial onto Jeremy. My project was the dress; his was the bow and arrow. I bought some small wooden pieces at the craft store. After soaking the wood for the bow overnight, Jeremy was able to bend it without breaking. So far it’s still intact!

shooting an arrow

Earlier in the week a package had come in the mail in a tube roll. Jeremy cut it. Emma G painted it. We put some thick yarn through the back, and it served as the perfect quiver for her arrows. She was the cutest and only little Susan I saw!

arrow shot

For the second year in a row, Joshua wasn’t interested in dressing up as anything, whether it be store bought or homemade. Guess those years have passed. Emma Grace said hubs and I made a good team crafting her costume. I think we make a good team in more ways than just that. 🙂

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