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I have been chomping at the bit waiting to tell you about Jeremy’s debut album, Acquired Taste!  He released it September 26th, and we started planning a blog tour to promote it.  Today kickstarts that tour!  I am so proud of Jeremy for pursuing his music dreams and putting out such a great album.


From Jeremy…
I have been writing songs for over 15 years and spent much of my early adult life playing music all over the world. The last few years I have set it aside while building Ten Thousand Homes. But now is the time.  I chose songs that were not all written recently. One was written this year, while the others go back as far as 8 years ago. I really wanted to represent a journey, and while this is a simple recording, I am extremely proud of it!  What I know now is that this is only the beginning!


Give Acquired Taste a listen and you will find that Jeremy’s song lyrics come from a place of such depth and passion.  I love listening to the raw honesty that pours through his music.  Now I know I might be a little biased {Smile}, so I encourage you to visit everyone else on the tour to hear what they think!

December 5thI Believe In Love
December 6thBeyond Words Designs
December 7th  – Studio JRU
December 8th  – She Is Dallas
December 9th  – Brand New Day
December 12th  – Grit & Glory
December 13th  – Today’s Mama
December 14th  – B’ahava
December 16th  – Them Pates
December 19thAlisha Ippolito Photography
December 20th  – The Little Missionary Girl All Grown Up

You can download Acquired Taste for a name your own price with a minimum of only $3!  After download you can easily drop it into your iTunes music folder.  Thanks in advance for supporting a new artist!

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