sewing time with my girl

Yesterday the kids were out of school for Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  A three day weekend is always nice, however, with several days of meetings last week, I found myself behind entering the weekend. I never like that feeling.  Monday morning came, and I thought I would tackle my {small} to do list and then it was going to be quality time with the kids.

That to do list was quickly (although reluctantly, if I’m honest with myself) scratched as I realized Miss Emma needed something to do to avoid the quickly approaching boredom.

EG sewing

I suggested we sew some clothes for her dolls to which she enthusiastically agreed.  She’s shown an interest in sewing with the machine, so I need to seize the opportunity to teach.  We searched the ever popular Pinterest and found what we were looking for.  A quick look through my stash of leftover material and we found the materials we wanted.  Of course, I picked out about four different outfits (yes, the ever ambitious mama).

happy girl

What I love about this pattern is that it’s really versatile.  With the simple bodice, you can then make a dress or a shirt like we did.  What I didn’t realize about this pattern is that I needed to print it between 120-130% to get the size I needed for the doll.  I swear the doll in the photo looked just like Emma G’s doll, but after we sewed the first shirt, it was more the size for a Barbie.  I also didn’t pay attention to the “fold.”  It wasn’t printed on the pattern so it wasn’t until after I cut the pieces, that I saw that important piece of info.  So…pay attention to the fold or you’ll have lots of weird shaped scraps!

new doll clothes

Those little setbacks didn’t seem to hinder the spirit.  I kept hearing her say, “This is so fun!”  She even picked out a business and website name for us. 🙂  And don’t you just love the buttons she wanted added to the shirt?  I went to bed envisioning our next project and find myself today only wanting to sew doll clothes!  I’m so glad I ditched the to do list for time with my sweet girl.  It was the best three hours of my day.

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