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Well, we finally had a cold couple of days, making this Texas winter feel like winter and not spring. I’m scheduling this post to publish, wondering if I’ll wake up to snow, like the forecast says we might. My kids would go absolutely crazy.

cupid's arrow

This weekend we got our Valentine’s Day cards made for the parties. I really wanted to do the photo of the kids sticking their hand out with a lollipop in it. Have you seen those? They’re so cute. Well, Joshua was not into handing out photos of himself. He’s in 4th grade. I understand. Instead, I showed the kids this post and let them choose a candyless Valentine. I know the less candy my kids get, the better. Maybe there are other moms who think like me?

Both the kids loved the cupid’s arrow cards. I found a $10 off $10 purchase coupon for Office Depot (expires tomorrow if you need some prints) making my printing total $0.78! I couldn’t find sparkly pencils. That would have been fun, but I did find packs of 16 at Target for $2.

When the photo thing wasn’t happening, I almost went with store bought Valentine’s. GASP! Even as the thought entered my brain, it didn’t feel right. It was going against every bone in my body.

What about you guys? Do your kids make their own Valentine’s cards or do you buy them from the store?

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