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I realize some of this might also be a repeat if you’ve followed along over the last 2 years, but in order to get to what we’re doing, it’s necessary that I highlight some of the individual things God showed us during sabbatical. Jeremy and I have always done things together, something that I’ve never taken for granted but always loved.  However, the sabbatical was a time of finding our individual giftings and passions.

with a camera

Dreaming has never come natural to me (unlike my better half), but during the sabbatical, I learned to put the “barriers” and “walls” aside to dream uninhibited. There is so much freedom in that! I dreamed of telling stories through photos. I was brought to tears when God made that happen and I was able to go to India. In the weeks following that trip, clear as day, I heard God say, “You must do this. If you don’t, it would be disobedience.” I realized then that my love for photography was more a passion than a fun hobby to do on the side.

his passion

While I was dreaming and walking in the opportunities given me, Jeremy was seeing dreams of long ago happen before his eyes. For years he laid down his dreams of music. The sabbatical gave him space to pick it back up, and he also realized it was more than a hobby. After recording Acquired Taste, he knew it was only the beginning of more.

The word that has stood at the forefront for both of us has been the word resource. Over and over that word was there. So we had our creative passions and we had this word, resource, but what did all that mean? With all this great stuff, what did that mean for our future? Stay tuned for part three!

Part 1: Sabbatical Recap

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