this season of lent

“I feel like I’m supposed to give up dark chocolate for Lent.” “Whoaaaaaa,” was my husband’s response. It was like a drawn out, monotone sound. I think he was probably weighing the consequences of it. Would I turn into a bear without my favorite sweet? No, I think he knew I heard from God and that it was serious business.

You see, I’m the one that takes pictures like this…

dark chocolate

And tweets things like this…

chocolate tweet

The first day I almost failed as I reached into the cabinet to grab a few chocolate chips. You know, for a little pick me up during the afternoon lull. Thankfully my heart reminded me that chocolate was a no no for the next 40 days. That’s also when I realized that I’ve been turning to chocolate for comfort when I’m stressed or when it’s that time of the month or when I just want to make myself feel better. Basically, I’m turning to the wrong thing.

I recently read Eugene Cho’s post titled “‘I didn’t ask you to give up coffee. I asked you to surrender your life.’ – God.” Wow! What a powerful article about giving in to God. He talks about giving up something without taking up something more significant. If we give up something just to give it up, then it becomes religion. I’ve been reading a lot of the Old Testament lately, so this really resonated with me. It’s so easy to practice the right things and it not ever affect your heart.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever observed Lent. I’m looking forward to giving in and going deeper with God, not just losing a few pounds because I’ve given up chocolate.

Are you observing Lent? If so, what have you given up?

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