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So I’ve been writing all these posts on what we’re doing but haven’t really said what we’re doing. Well, hopefully this post will answer some of that! Thanks for being so patient. 🙂 I think the easiest way is to break it down by what I’m doing and what Jeremy’s doing.

In my last post, as I filled in the gaps, I expressed my struggle with the way the process was going. After I was able to let go of my frustrations and get over my pity party, then there was the question of what exactly I was going to do with Ten Thousand Homes. To be quite honest, I was thoroughly enjoying the “other” things I was doing. Photography, writing for Today’s Mama, connecting with people through social media…”God, am I supposed to give all that up now?” As I asked the question while driving down the road, the light bulb went off. Clear as day, I knew I was to use all those things for Ten Thousand Homes.
I knew I wanted to connect people with the work. What better way to do that than through photography and social media. I felt God also wanted me to build on key relationships I’ve met through blogging to raise awareness on what TTH is doing. While I was in L.A., I met a Houston blogger and actually invited her to come with me to Africa sometime. Bridging those connections is exciting to me and I see more of that happening.
So…I will serve as Communications Director for TTH. It’s basically a fancy term for connecting people to the work. I’m using social media to communicate to the masses. I will be doing more storytelling through writing and photography, and I’m currently working on some exciting campaigns to launch soon.


Jeremy is a visionary and has an incredible ability to connect with people. It’s amazing really. He will continue to provide oversight and vision to Ten Thousand Homes. He’s always had vision for TTH to expand beyond White River, S. Africa, so his role is shifting from local leader on the ground in SA to a global leadership position. Not only will he provide oversight, cast vision to the local works, and pioneer into new areas, but he will use his relational abilities to connect people to the work. 
He will speak about the work as well as connect one-on-one with people. He will also use his music to raise awareness. We’re in the process of scheduling a TTH house concert. It’s so cool to see passions coming together like they are.


I mentioned that the word “resource” was a big word God spoke to us. Together we feel we are to resource leaders to lead. We’ve had a huge learning curve learning to empower people to lead, and we want to continue that by investing in and resourcing them.

Our last newsletter has more tidbits on a lot of this. Feel free to read and subscribe to it! It may seem as though this is the end of the what we’re doing series, but there’s actually a bit more I will share in the next couple of weeks like…what does this mean location wise?

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