cookies and cream cake

cookies and cream cake
I always let the kids pick what kind of cake they want for their birthday. I’ve never made a cookies and cream cake, so I was surprised when Joshua picked that as his top choice. Since I was fasting chocolate, that meant I couldn’t even try it before serving! Scary! However, I was told it was good, and the piece I saved to try after my fast was quite tasty. We looked at a couple of recipes, and Joshua decided on this one from Annie’s Eats. The rich dark chocolate and the moistness of it was amazing. I made it and frosted it the day before, stuck it in the fridge, and pulled it out about an hour before the party. I don’t know if that contributed to it being moist or not. I don’t usually buy pre-packaged cookies, but I’m afraid I did for this one. Anything for my boy’s 10th birthday. 🙂

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