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easter 2012
I tried to write a post last night but organizing my thoughts into something that would be interesting to read seemed too difficult a task after an incredibly fun three day weekend. Celebrating a decade of life of my firstborn and a God who is ALIVE left me with a full heart and tired body last night.

jman easter 

 I didn’t take many photos of our Easter fun. In fact, I took three. A rained out day meant we hid eggs inside for the kids to find. That’s not exactly the picturesque scene that a photographer dreams of, but as we left our friends’ house last night after 7 hours of sitting around the dining room table just talking, I realized that there’s times when the moment shouldn’t be captured on camera. It should just be enjoyed. As 6 friends reminisced and laughed, with the occasional child coming in for assistance, the hours quickly passed and we found ourselves needing to pull out the Easter leftovers for dinner.

eg easter 

 Sometimes I feel challenged to pick up my camera but more times than not, I feel challenged to set it down and just enjoy the moment. Hope you enjoyed your Easter moments, too…

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