entering double digits

April 3rd last year, I contemplated the fact that it was the last year of the single digit. Now a whole 365 (actually 366 since it was a Leap Year) days have passed and we are here…entering the double digits. I can’t believe it was ten years ago that I held him in my arms for the first time. He gave me the title of Mother and has brought joy into my life ever since. This boy is like me in so many ways while being uniquely him at the same time.

looking love this guy
His love for Lego has not fizzled out but increased since his introduction to them when he was 4.

He strives to be good at everything.

He may not love kisses right now but start a wrestle match or tickle war, and he’s “so there.”

His favorite subject is, by far, math. I think his goal for 4th grade has been to convince his teacher that he doesn’t need to learn to write a good narrative or expository, because “I’m not doing that when I grow up.”

He has a smile that melts my heart.

His love for photography is growing as is his eye for capturing the moment.

Bottom line…I love this guy and pray daily that he will grow into a man who runs after God and loves people along the way.

so handsome 

 Happy Birthday, my Joshua…

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