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I think Joshua’s Angry Birds party is the most elaborate (behind the scenes anyway) party I’ve done to date. I guess it’s only fitting seeing as how he turned a decade. The kid has every single Angry Birds app there is. He loves that game, so it was no surprise that he chose an Angry Birds party. Thankfully, he decided on it several weeks before the party so I could plan. The sewing machine got a workout, that’s for sure. I sewed 22 angry birds (19 for party favors and 3 for launching), 10 baby pigs, and one queen. Impressed?

queenie and her piggies

I put out a Facebook plea for empty boxes and within minutes had what I needed. (Thanks, friends, by the way!) I wrapped all the boxes in brown Kraft paper so they looked like the game. Yes, it was time consuming, but it’s those little touches that I love. The boys built their game and then used water balloon slingshots to launch the birds. Three of the birds I filled with beans so they would be heavier. It was so fun watching the kids build their structure and launch their birds!

building the game

 launch time

 For the kids not playing the game, I printed out some coloring sheets from Squidoo (thanks, Amy, for the link!). There’s a whole slew of Angry Birds stuff on that site including the angry birds font which I used for the invitations. The Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game was also available for entertainment.

coloring angry birds

It was a nice, breezy day. Nice in the sense that it kept things cool but not nice in the sense that we were constantly chasing plates and napkins, and Joshua had to blow out unlit candles. I really don’t think he minded one bit.

about to blow out candles

blowing out candles

With the epic Angry Birds party behind me, I have visions of some re-purposing projects that I had to put on the back burner. First, I’m giving my sewing muscles a little rest. 🙂

What’s your favorite birthday party you’ve ever hosted?

Linking up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday.

Angry Birds sewing tutorials can be found at Obsessively Stitching. To see a close up of my Angry Birds, visit here, and to see my birthday bunting, visit here.

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    The Mandatory Mooch
    March 10, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    I'm featuring this party on my blog today. My followers were asking for Angry Bird ideas. I came across your party. So fun. Thanks, Nich – The Mandatory Mooch

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