Family photography

perfect shots

I found myself embracing the camera once again during our bluebonnet photo shoot. I love, love, love the way Joshua composed the shot of Emma G and I. It’s so natural and perfect. He nailed the rule of thirds. He nailed the focus points. I need to embrace the camera more for the sheer fact that I want him to shoot more.

perfectly natural

Emma G’s turn came, and I’ll be honest. I always get a little bit nervous putting my camera in her hands. The strap goes around her neck to create a little bit of security, but it’s still scary. The girl definitely has ideas, though. I always let her do her ideas, but they don’t always make the cut here on the blog (like the one of my thigh that took up half the photo…not pretty). I do love, though, that she captured this sweet tickle moment between Joshua and I. It won’t be long before he’ll be too big for me to hold my own.

tickle time

PS: I’m taking the weekend off starting tomorrow. We’ve got a boy to celebrate and an awesome Man dying on the Cross to thank. See you Monday!

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