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I mentioned yesterday that last weekend I was in the woods of East Texas. Not only was I basking in the GREEN, but I got to lead a session on Developing Creativity, a topic I’ve become passionate about over the years of realizing that creativity is bigger than a brush and canvas.

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Right before the session, I read a post titled Stop Critiquing Start Creating by Justin Zoradi on Donald Miller’s blog. He talks about how there’s three types of people in the world: consumers, critics, and creatives, and how we need to try and move from a life of consumption and criticism and into a life of creative action. It’s a great post that I highly encourage you to read.

I totally agree with Justin’s observation. Consumers consume and take. Critics judge, and if they’re not careful can become extremely angry. Creatives create. They give.

We were made by a creative God. Genesis 1:27 says we were made in His image. That means that we are creative beings as well, yet we let the roadblocks of fear and insecurity get in the way. Creative works are personal, they’re vulnerable. That’s why it’s easy for those roadblocks to rear their ugly heads.

I have to make constant decisions to not let fear and insecurity block me. I’m constantly learning to dream without inhibition. I’m trying to put myself out there creatively and practice it, setting aside comparison and frustration.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted Ira Glass’ video on Storytelling before, but it’s awesome. I love how he talks about how we just need to do it.

We’re all creative in different ways. I love how Justin ends his post, “The worst thing you can do is postpone your creative action until tomorrow.” So true. As one person brought up in our discussion, the question is not, “Are you creative?” It’s “How are you creative?”

How are you creative?

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