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Now I know the title doesn’t imply something very exciting but this has been my week…gathering everything needed to renew the kid’s passports once again. I believe this is the third one for both of them. So crazy!

So yes my “studio” has been very practical. I did do something new this time and took the kid’s passport photos myself. A friend was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. You can find passport photo requirements as well as a photographer’s guide on the website. After you’ve taken your very interesting looking passport photos, you can go either to EPassportPhoto.Com or use the Photo Tool on to turn them into the right size you need. I opted with the Photo Tool because I liked how it made it easy to fit the head into the dimensions.

passport2       passport1 

It all seems a bit complicated so we’ll see if they accept these when we go this afternoon. I figure if I have to pay $20 for new passport photos, then I have to pay it, but if these fly, then I’ll have saved $20! I’m hoping for the latter. Don’t they look so happy? I told them they couldn’t smile big, so this is what I got!

UPDATE: So we went to the passport office this afternoon, and they did not accept our photos. I took the opportunity to ask the nice lady what I should have done differently so they would accept them next time. It was the textured background that didn’t fly. I had wondered about that. I asked her if next time I could use Photoshop to fill in the background with a solid white. She said that would be fine (just no editing on their faces). I guess I got points for trying because she didn’t charge us to take their photos! Yea! Still saved $20! Oh, and for those who mentioned something in the comments about the ears showing, in the U.S. you do not have to have the ears showing. Just some FYI. 🙂


Linking up my oh, so fun practical “studio” time up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday. I’m sure the rest of the creatives linking up are full of much more fun than passport photos. 🙂


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