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Several weeks ago, my friend, Alisha, from Alisha Ippolito Photography had a great idea. “Why don’t we take portraits of each other?” It’s something I don’t think about doing, portraits of myself, so I was thrilled. We met up in Dallas for our fun photo shoot and ate a great dinner afterwards at Eno’s, tastiest pear arugula salad I’ve ever eaten. My favs that I took of Alisha…

in the shadows

photographer portrait

against the stacks

And my favs she took of me…

my portrait

on the couch

gazing off

actually smiling

You know how most everyone has something they’re self-conscious of? We’ll mine is my teeth, hence, the more serious closed mouth sort of smiles. It’s something I’m working on. 🙂

Linking up with Meet The Anderson’s for Embrace The Camera.

These were taken at The Foundry in Dallas.

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