matchy matchy

I don’t usually make matching outfits for me and my girl. In fact, I’ve tread very carefully on making much of anything for her simply because she’s a bit picky with her clothes. If she sees something she likes, I jump on it. She’s gotten into a groove of wearing three different outfits. Not sure why the change. Her fashion used to be very eclectic as she put outfits together. Not currently.

hand in hand

I saw this idea in the same issue of Sew It All as the men’s button down shirt idea. I found some cheap t-shirts at Goodwill for both me and her. I tried on my skirt after I made it and she said, “Cool! I want one.” That was my cue to go ahead as planned. 🙂

holding her 

I made myself three skirts for summer and made her two. They’re such a simple re-purpose. I used large t-shirts and three inch wide elastic for myself and medium t-shirts and two inch elastic for her. Loving our matchy matchy skirts, and I can’t believe how big my baby girl looks walking next to me! Oh, and Joshua, whether he admits it or not, has officially become my fashion photographer. 🙂


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