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falling in love with east africa

I wrote this in my journal on our way to Gulu. I was thankful for several hours to process the trip so far. 

Today's route.

Our scheduled departure time of 2:00 came and went. As we waited another two hours (for what, I’m not exactly sure), differing opinions of how long the road trip to Gulu would take were expressed. 3 1/2 to 6 hours. My new Nigerian American friend said it best, “In Africa, there’s not 24 hours. There’s just hours.” So true, time is irrelevant on this continent. I think I like it.

streets of uganda

My window seat on the bus allowed me to take in the scenery as we headed to northern Uganda, and I realized that I’m falling in love with East Africa. It’s not my first trip here, but this time I’ve been able to spend more time with local Ugandans. They are such a beautiful and friendly people that have welcomed me warmly. They thank you for eating their food, for coming to their country, and anything else they can think of. I feel like I should be the one thanking them for blessing me so. 

Every handshake comes with a smile that’s more beautiful than the green, green grass that finds its way along the red dirt. Yes, East Africa, Uganda, has made its way into my heart. I’m not surprised. It seems Africa in general has a way of doing that. This won’t be my last visit here, of that I am certain.

*By the way, it took 6 hours to get there. 🙂

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    February 8, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    The locals in East Africa are wonderful and they are fun to be with. You will always see a smile on their faces. Their hearts are as beautiful as their famous safaris and mountains. They are the kind of people you would want to spend your time with. Their culture, stories and beliefs are very inspiring. I wish I could immense more on their culture by eating on their restaurants and visiting their inns.

    ~Jordan Hood

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