House Project

have you ever painted a bathroom?

the blue house

Man, I can’t believe everything we got done on our house. We worked for a little over a week straight. Sure there were projects that we would have liked to do that didn’t get done, but for the most part, we accomplished what we wanted to. We’ve done a lot of home renovations. We’re definitely the do-it-yourself type, but I’ve never ever painted a bathtub until recently. We looked at our options, and although it was a lot of work, it was definitely the cheaper option, so we decided to give it a go. Here’s what I learned from the process…

1. The prep is extremely important with this project. It usually is but especially with painting a bathtub.

2. When they say to paint thin strokes, they mean thin. Too thick makes it goop up.

3. Don’t paint at night with the window open because bugs will literally stick to it. 🙂

bathroom before/after

Initially the bathtub looks awesome. I think time will only be the tell on how well it holds up. I’ve heard mixed reports. This was a fiberglass tub, and I heard from a friend that this method didn’t do well on their porcelain tub. I’m hoping that our experience will be different. How do you like all that white??

from the kitchen

I took photos of the inside of the house just to remember it by. The new renters informed us they are painting some of it, because it’s too bright. So sad, only because I loved this house. But, as my husband kindly advised, I’m letting it go.

from the living room


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