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valentine’s day bunting

Sometimes I get in a mood where I get to a roadblock and the only way out is to do something creative. That was me yesterday. I was in a funk early morning. After some Jesus time, I tried to do some writing, then I started Pinterest researching for Valentine’s Day crafting ideas.

I was getting frustrated at slow Internet, lack of inspiration, and general lack of desire with the task at hand. I promptly put down the computer, picked out some scrapbook paper from my stash, and gathered rope, scissors, a hole punch, and a ruler.

Valentine's Day bunting

It was the right decision. I exercised some creativity and got a cute Valentine’s bunting out of it. Want to satisfy a creative itch and make your own Valentine’s bunting? Check out the easy step-by-step.


assorted scrapbook paper
hole punch
heart template


1. After picking out paper, grab a heart template. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter and traced the white side or back side of the scrapbook paper.

2. Once you are satisfied with your heart supply, start cutting out hearts.

3. Punch 2 holes at the top of each heart. I punched one at the top left and top right corners of each heart.


4. There’s a couple of different ways you can string your hearts. You can cut one long piece of rope and string it through all your hearts. I wanted a slightly different look, so I cut lots of 5-6 inch pieces of rope. I strung one end of the rope through one of the holes and tied it in a knot. I continued until all the hearts were strung.

5. Hang up and enjoy!

Valentine's Day bunting

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