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the slum

I’ve been quite absent around here lately. I do apologize for that. I went to Kenya last month, and it seems I haven’t been able to get my life back together again. It’s been busy, busy, busy with teaching in our discipleship school, school activities, and just life.

I had an incredible time in Kenya. We’ve had a group of interns with us at Ten Thousand Homes in South Africa for a year. The last part of their year was traveling to Uganda and Kenya to serve with some other projects. I went to visit them and see how they were doing and also connect with our friends at those projects. It really was an incredible time. Any time I get to go to East Africa is a treat.


Our friends in Nairobi live and work in the third largest slum in the world. It is always a treat to stay there and observe and participate in life as they do it. It challenges me every.single.time. Please head over to Petit Elefant to read what it’s like to live in the third largest slum in the world, even just for a week, and place your comments there. The people are beautiful, and I want you to know all about them!

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    March 23, 2016 at 4:10 am

    I am always amazed at the attitudes of people living in extreme poverty.

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