Isaiah 43:19

isaiah 43:19

About 18 years ago, my husband and I led a group of young people to Northern Africa. During our 4 weeks there, it was hot. It was dusty. It was oppressive. About halfway through our trip, our host took us on a little road trip. We cruised in Land Rovers through the Sahara Desert until we came to an oasis. I had never seen anything like it. It was sand and camels as far as the eye could see until we stumbled upon cool water and lush green trees. In the midst of this tan backdrop, nestled this refreshing oasis. The color scheme and temperature changed instantly. It didn’t make sense how this new climate sprang up and survived in the scorching desert heat. When I read Isaiah 43:19, my memories take me back to this scene from many years ago. Click over to Tommy Nelson to for a scripture study on this passage.

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