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I bet you clicked over to read some deep thought of the day. Well, GOTCHA! Not too deep today, but don’t leave yet. You might find something unexpectedly useful. Yesterday I went to the grocery store. I spent 4 hours shopping and disinfecting my food. I made many {deep} observations from yesterday’s outing. Here’s what you’ve probably been waiting for…

  • The toilet paper shortage is real! It happened when I was in Africa, so I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Seeing the paper product aisle empty makes this video even more hilarious. (Warning: there is a curse word in the video.)
  • Where is all the flour and yeast? Is everyone learning to bake bread while in isolation? If so, cool. Try this recipe while you’re at it.
  • Why haven’t I been washing my fruits and veggies for 20 seconds all the time? That was some dirty water. Gross.
  • My husband is grateful that I’m a perfectionistic Enneagram 1 rule follower, because admittedly, he would never take the time to disinfect the groceries but appreciates that it was done.

Happy April Fool’s. Make sure you take some time to laugh today. This prank gone wrong might be a good place to start.

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