My Grateful List

Every Friday, I will be posting 10 things I’m grateful for. Join along with me by posting your blog link in the comments of your own 10 things or simply comment with what you’re thankful for.

1. This fathead pizza crust dough that I make every Friday night for Jeremy and I. So yum.

2. Working in the yard this week. We finally bought ourselves proper yard mowing tools. Felt so good to get the grass cut and flower beds cleaned up!

3. Creative menu planning. I’ve vowed to not let food go bad and use all leftovers somehow. It’s been a great creative adventure.

4. Hearing my friend, Malambe, channel his inner Garth Brooks today in this video.

5. Bathtubs! The last 7 years of living in South Africa, I didn’t have a bathtub. Sometimes you just need a good soak to lighten the mood.

6. Thoughtful cards from friends on the other side of the world.

7. Family dinners around the table.

8. Friends dropping off chocolate, tea, and a new game to play. Just because.

9. Quarantine date nights and daily walks with the love of my life.

10. Friday nights. It’s much like any other night right now except we eat pizza and watch something as a family. And I like pizza. And my gang.

What are you thankful for?

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