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Seizing The Opportunity

The last several weeks I’ve had lots of conversation with our team in South Africa about what it looks like to do what we can, in this moment, with what we have. Because of COVID-19, South Africa has been in lockdown to stop the spread of a virus that could have catastrophic consequences in a land where many people already suffer from respiratory illness and compromised immune systems. Compliance with the government has meant that we’ve had to close all of our programs, unsure of when we will be able to open them again.

Non-profits are usually classified as organizations. Organizations are developed by people with systems and ways of doing things in an organized way. If we have to be an org, then I would much rather be an organism, something that adapts to its current environment in order to survive and reproduce. We’ve had to adjust the doing but the being of who we are is still there. Because we embrace growth and change and serving others in a way that’s relevant, it’s been easy to adapt. Instead of running a feeding program for hundreds of kids, we’ve been able to deliver food parcels to feed the whole family. Doing what we can, in this moment, with what we have has meant doing even more than we thought possible. It has challenged me to ask myself this question in all areas of my life and to seize the opportunity that is right before me.

How about you? What does it look like to be who you are, doing what you can, in this moment, with what you have?

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