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Some days I think we’re as different as night and day. Other days, like today, as she sits taking an AP exam while I type this, and I see her hard work and discipline to achieve, I think that maybe we’re more alike than I thought. Either way, I’m so proud of her.

This week we’re coming to the end of her freshman year (which has been the longest freshman year ever that started January 2019 and only ends now…that’s what happens when you change schools on different continents with different start and end dates). I can’t believe she’s already finishing one year of school in America. This move has probably been the hardest for her and yet she’s handled it with such grace and determination. I’m super proud of her for making the decision to make the best out of it even though it has been incredibly hard.

Grieving our move from South Africa to America has come in different waves and stages. We’re all still adjusting, even a year later. Today I’m just especially thankful for my kids and their resilience and intent to make something the best it can be.

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