I believe that good can come from anything if we look hard enough. This pandemic has definitely been the opposite of good; it’s been horrible. If I look past the horribleness of it, I see people who have come together in community to help others. Virtual prom and graduation for seniors who are missing the most memorable moments of their last year of high school. Friends dropping banana bread and games at our doorstep. Drive-by disciplines that bring a broadway star singing Phantom of the Opera to a freshmen’s sidewalk. Families gathered around the table eating dinner and playing games. Food parcel deliveries to the most vulnerable in South Africa.

The response of so many in such a devastating time brings tears to my eyes. It also challenges me deeply. When it’s ok to give a hug again, I want to carry over this heart of community, love, and generosity that has seeped through the cracks. We were, after all, designed for connectedness.

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