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day of reconciliation


Today in South Africa, we observe a national holiday called Day of Reconciliation. It was first celebrated as a public holiday today in 1995, and I love the intention behind it. After apartheid fell, this holiday was started with the intention to bring unity and reconciliation between the Afrikaaner and African cultures. While we still have a ways to go to get to true racial harmony, I love that today serves as a reminder of the goal we are striving for. Together, in unity, we can get there!

Today, I would also like to invite you to stand together with us, not just in heart but in action. In this season of giving, I’m asking 100 of my friends to donate $40 to a cause that I’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears for. Ten Thousand Homes is 11 years old and still going strong with after school programs, training programs, and social enterprises. There’s so much GOOD STUFF happening, but of course, as with everything, they take money to run.

The invitation is there, and I hope you will accept and join us in heart and action.

Visit our website to read more about what we do, and DONATE to a cause that continues to invest in a generation of world changers that is learning to grow up and bring unity and reconciliation to their land.

Africa Thoughts

my thoughts on africa

This is Lucy. She lives at the dump in Nakuru, Kenya. She is such a leader who is bringing HOPE to what some might deem a hopeless sight. Her message today was to always walk in forgiveness. So powerful coming from someone who, I imagine, has dealt with s

In October, I went to Kenya again. I visited the dump and met Lucy again. Her little encouragement to us in her simple home at the dump, nestled between trash and Marabou storks greatly inspired me, so much so that I wrote a piece, Africa’s Not Sad, Y’all, published on Petit Elefant. Please join me there and share your thoughts and comments!


in a drought

We have thoroughly felt the effects of El Niño in South Africa this year. We’re in an official drought which has left us coming up with creative ideas on how to conserve water. Click on over to Petit Elefant to read some of what we’re doing and also the eye opening facts that I’ve recently learned when it comes to water.
Africa Community Fun Hospitality

it’s a feast of love

the table

We have a tradition around here. Every October/November we don our best threads and our staff sit down to a feast served by our leadership team here at Ten Thousand Homes (aka Jeremy, myself, and a couple of others). We end the evening by celebrating each other’s talent in the form of a show. It’s fabulous and fun and we leave with full bellies and hearts.

place setting

Every time we put on a gathering, I am reminded just how important these times are. They aren’t optional. They are necessary. They bring us together in a light hearted way to celebrate and laugh, both necessary things when most days feel like your hand is to the plow, and though progress is being made, there’s still always so much to do.

my hot husband

We have a lot of parties here, but we must celebrate together. Come on! {Sorry, felt a little song burgeoning there.}