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island life in koh chang thailand

family photo

We returned a week ago from an amazing family holiday in Thailand. Jeremy and I were in this fabulous country 15 years ago, and although, there was some familiarity and memories that rushed back to us, experiencing it with family that we hadn’t seen in 3 1/2 years was the true highlight.


beach fun

A washed up jellyfish…I wonder if this is the culprit that stung Joshua’s arm.

We started our journey in Koh Chang, an island accessible by a 30 minute ferry ride. It was rainy season on the island which meant crowds were low which meant beaches were perfect. Our days were spent lounging by the water, snorkeling, checking out waterfalls, and eating…lots and lots of eating. (Click over to Petit Elefant to read the specifics on our Koh Chang activities.)


Admittedly, I’m not a water person, so the soft beach sand, warm sun, and a good book were every bit of relaxing to me. The snorkeling was fun, although I did get a bit banged up when I hit some rock or coral, not sure what it was.

at the waterfall
I thought this sweet family from Bangladesh offered to take a family photo of us until they stood next to my family waiting for me to click. Ha!

my family

This was only half our trip. I have LOADS more photos to share. Stay tuned!

Community creativity Fun

a bar of a party

The beginning of April we celebrated our interns who had been with us for a year and who were now moving on to the next season of their lives. Because of their incredible investment, we knew we wanted to celebrate BIG. That’s when the idea of “bars” all around came into being. We had a pizza bar, soda bar, and cupcake bar. It.was.a.blast.

Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar

We sealed pizza dough in plastic baggies and had everything prepped and sliced. The fun part about the pizza bar was that we baked our pies on the fire. They tasted amazing. Here’s how we did it.

  1. Grab a wooden cutting board and oil it down with olive oil.
  2. Plop your dough down on it, and work it into a pizza crust.
  3. Slide it onto the fire, and let it cook for a few minutes.
  4. Take it off the fire, sliding it back onto your cutting board, cooked side up.
  5. Load the cooked side up with your toppings.
  6. Slide it back onto the fire and let it cook another few minutes.
  7. Eat and enjoy.

Pizza Bar Toppings

Soda Bar

Soda Bar

Soda Bar Instructions

For drinks we put together a soda bar. We had Coke and Coke Zero and homemade Cream Soda. THEN people had the option of adding cherry, vanilla, orange, or lemon simple syrup to it. We also had lemons and limes that you could squeeze in for extra measure.


Cream Soda

Cupcake Bar

Pimp Your Cupcake

Finally, for dessert, we offered a cupcake bar where everyone could pimp out their own cupcake. We had chocolate, vanilla, Italian creme, and red velvet cupcakes with vanilla, chocolate, cream cheese, and mocha frostings. Not only that but we had sprinkles, coconut, and nuts for more pimping!

This party was such fun. The best part about it was that everyone cooked their own food!

Africa Community Fun Hospitality

it’s a feast of love

the table

We have a tradition around here. Every October/November we don our best threads and our staff sit down to a feast served by our leadership team here at Ten Thousand Homes (aka Jeremy, myself, and a couple of others). We end the evening by celebrating each other’s talent in the form of a show. It’s fabulous and fun and we leave with full bellies and hearts.

place setting

Every time we put on a gathering, I am reminded just how important these times are. They aren’t optional. They are necessary. They bring us together in a light hearted way to celebrate and laugh, both necessary things when most days feel like your hand is to the plow, and though progress is being made, there’s still always so much to do.

my hot husband

We have a lot of parties here, but we must celebrate together. Come on! {Sorry, felt a little song burgeoning there.}

Fun Kids

a horse party

happy girl

Emma G’s birthday fell right during school holiday this year. Several of her friends weren’t going to be in town, so I suggested we wait to do a party until after school convened. Well, it took us a month, but last weekend we had the best horse party ever! Ever since taking horse riding lessons last year through her school, she has loved horses. She wanted one for her birthday, but that didn’t happen. A dog is enough for me. When given the option of inviting several friends for a big party or a few friends for a horse ride, she chose the horse riding. She went for an experience, and I love that.

me and my boy

I decided to go along on the horse ride. When I commented that I hadn’t ridden a horse in 25 years, our single staff that work with us at Ten Thousand Homes gently said, “We’re not even 25 years old yet.” Thanks, guys. You just reminded me that I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I still think I am.

off for a ride

We rode through the forest and along a cliff edge. The views were stunning. I felt like we were filming a scene from The Man From Snowy River. It was breathtaking. I must have gotten an old, lazy horse, because I’m the only one that got a whip to nudge Baobab along. He made it through the one hour ride, and so did I.

birthday cupcake

We enjoyed a picnic and then ventured over to the sketchy zipline for a little fun. This thing would have been illegal in the states. I still can’t believe we zipped on it. Even Emma G went for a gander down the line. That’s parenting at its finest…letting your kid ride the unsafe zipline. It was another experience to add to the mix.


What a fun day it was celebrating our sweet 11 year old!

Family Fun Hospitality

independence day celebrations

happy 4th

We had a great, relaxed time on Saturday celebrating American Independence Day in South Africa! We started with some patriotic pancakes, cooked by moi, designed by Emma G. A bring and bbq in the late afternoon provided an assortment of cuisine the complimented our desserts, berries on skewers and fruit tart made with homemade lemon curd!

Card playing was part of the entertainment while waiting for the meat to finish. Other entertainment included some Hell’s Fury fireworks. You take what you can get when fireworks aren’t in season. Sparklers were enjoyed by every age. We ended the evening with a game of Capture the Flag, organized by my very own Emma Grace. Our team won, not that I’m competitive or anything.

star pancakes


fruit tart


cards women

cards men

hell's fury


sparkler magic

lighting a sparkler

If you celebrated, I hope your fourth was as festive as ours!