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the light

My thoughts have been inundated lately with light. There’s such power in light. It pierces through darkness like nobody’s business. I recently wrote an article on Tommy Nelson about how to teach our kids to live in the light of the Father’s love. Do join me over there, and let me know what you think!
Kids Thoughts

books of the bible for kids

reading bible

There’s some really great books nestled in the Bible, ones that are full of adventure, suspense, and life lessons. I recently wrote about my top Old and New Testament picks for books of the Bible for kids to read and included some discussion questions to check comprehension skills. Do click over to read my list and comment with your top picks for books of the Bible for kids to read!

creativity Kids

it’s the end of the year

Time goes by faster the older you get, but seriously I don’t know where 2015 has gone. It seems to have gone by faster than previous years. Perhaps it was the kids starting a new school and the busyness that school brings. Perhaps it was all the gymnastics competitions and karate championships we watched. (Side note: Joshua just advanced to purple belt, and Emma Grace won gold at her recent Rock and Roll competition! Scroll the photos at the bottom of this article, and you’ll see her in action.) Whatever made it go fast, I’m choosing to savor this season that is upon us so as not to rush into 2016.

We're busy making end of the year teacher gifts to say thank you. She's busy sewing while I'm baking. #teamwork

Monday the kids and I flew to the states and met Jeremy in Dallas. I was happy that we breezed through immigration in S. Africa with all the new laws regarding traveling with children. Perhaps that’s a post for another time. We endured four flights, but the kids were troopers, the benefits of traveling with older children.

thank you, teachers

The days leading up to our departure were full, making the days pass faster until we saw our much loved husband and father. The kids wrapped up their school year with end of school parties and awards ceremonies. I am so proud of them for doing so well as third culture kids in a new school. They made friends quickly and did well in their academic studies. My biggest shock was Emma Grace receiving academic excellence in Afrikaans. This girl had to take two languages. Apparently she has a knack for them. She spoke Afrikaans to me the whole way to the states. When I try to answer back, she just laughs at my accent. I’m not so good at languages.


We also made sure to thank our teachers for such a job well done. My kid’s education is our responsibility, as parents, and I’m so thankful for the teachers that put in so much time investing in our children. Combined, the kids had about 14 teachers we needed to thank, so I had to think of something that was lovely but could be mass produced. We settled on some homemade goodness with cloth gift bags stuffed with chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and jam thumbprint cookies. A little beaded keychain was attached for that extra flair. Emma Grace was a master seamstress as she sewed all the bags…just a simple dishtowel cut in half and then sewed up the bottom and side with a ribbon sandwiched in between. We printed thank you cards from here and here, and the kids and I wrote our own words on the back. Emma Grace also made lovely name tags for each gift. We packaged it all together with recipe cards for each cookie. Thank you, teachers! We appreciate you!

We are now in full holiday mode, decorating the tree, making our annual gingerbread house, and squeezing in a game or two here and there. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season, savoring the goodness all around you!

Fun Kids

a horse party

happy girl

Emma G’s birthday fell right during school holiday this year. Several of her friends weren’t going to be in town, so I suggested we wait to do a party until after school convened. Well, it took us a month, but last weekend we had the best horse party ever! Ever since taking horse riding lessons last year through her school, she has loved horses. She wanted one for her birthday, but that didn’t happen. A dog is enough for me. When given the option of inviting several friends for a big party or a few friends for a horse ride, she chose the horse riding. She went for an experience, and I love that.

me and my boy

I decided to go along on the horse ride. When I commented that I hadn’t ridden a horse in 25 years, our single staff that work with us at Ten Thousand Homes gently said, “We’re not even 25 years old yet.” Thanks, guys. You just reminded me that I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I still think I am.

off for a ride

We rode through the forest and along a cliff edge. The views were stunning. I felt like we were filming a scene from The Man From Snowy River. It was breathtaking. I must have gotten an old, lazy horse, because I’m the only one that got a whip to nudge Baobab along. He made it through the one hour ride, and so did I.

birthday cupcake

We enjoyed a picnic and then ventured over to the sketchy zipline for a little fun. This thing would have been illegal in the states. I still can’t believe we zipped on it. Even Emma G went for a gander down the line. That’s parenting at its finest…letting your kid ride the unsafe zipline. It was another experience to add to the mix.


What a fun day it was celebrating our sweet 11 year old!