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up to my ears in knitting

Sunday evening I realized I had FOUR knitting projects in progress.  This is so unlike me.  I’m a one project at a time kind of girl.  I start something, finish it, and move on to the next project.  How I ended up having four at one time is beyond me.

I took a deep breath and started working on the one that was closest to being finished.  Before I knew it, I was down to THREE, then TWO, then ONE!

baby socks

I hardly ever knit anything for myself, so after the handmade holiday rush, I decided to start a pair of knucks.  After I finished one knuck, I started on some baby socks.  They had to be made for Miss Emma’s teacher as she returns tomorrow after being on maternity leave.  Then I got two hat orders thanks to Joshua’s teacher.

flower power hat

I made a flower power hat in some very soft and squishy Charisma yarn (same kind of yarn I used for Joshua’s afghan).  Then I made a Chess Play hat using Fair Isle knitting, a technique that I had never used before.  It was quite simple and I love the way this hat turned out.  Knit in one of the local high school’s colors, I think it will be the perfect mix of warmth and school spirit!

chess play hat

I’m now left with just one knuck to make.  Knitting is my evening wind down so I love having a project to work on.  Although I’m not advertising knitting orders, you can certainly email me if you want something made!

*Baby sock pattern is from the book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.


her honeycomb

The minute I saw this pattern I knew it was the right one for Miss Emma.  After finishing Joshua’s afghan, however, I thought maybe I should find a simpler one for the sake of time.  After browsing Ravelry, there just wasn’t one that caught my eye, and so I began the Honeycomb.  I made a little goal that would ensure it’s completion.  If I knit so many inches a day, I could finish it in time for Christmas.

honeycomb throw

Goals are great, but sometimes there’s a time when they just aren’t realistic.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I chose to be a happy mama, enjoying the holidays, rather than a driven, crazy woman trying to finish a blanket. 

laying on the throw

So you know what I did?  I wrapped that unfinished honeycomb and put it under the tree.  You know how hard that was to do?  Very hard!  And you know what Emma G did?  Right after opening it, she promptly brought it over to me, not uttering a single word.  She’s hilarious, that girl.

looking up

If only Christmas would have waited two weeks…


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joshua’s afghan

This past summer I decided that I wanted to knit the kids blankets for Christmas.  They are always fighting over the one I made back in 2010, and I thought this would be a great gift because it would be their very own.  There was only one problem.  Texas must have had the hottest summer ever.  With over 40 days of 100+ degree temps, breaking records, and causing a major drought, only a crazy person would start knitting an afghan.  I wasn’t crazy.  (Although if you read my post on the afghan I made in 2010, you would see that I finished it in 100 degree heat.  What is my deal with knitting afghans in the summer??)

he loves his afghan

red cable blanket

So I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I finally started his cabled afghan the end of September (even though it was still quite warm) and finished it in about 6 weeks (how I did that I don’t know).  I love the Loops and Threads Charisma yarn in red, and the cables definitely give it some masculine style.  What’s more important is that the recipient absolutely loves it.  The photo below was staged and all his idea. 🙂

all cozy


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her birthday sweater vest

looking up

I love sweater vests and decided it would be the perfect handmade gift for my girlie for her birthday.  Although it’s still too hot here for any type of sweaters (we’re still having some 90 degree days), it hasn’t stopped her from wearing it.  We gave it to her on her birthday (September 29th), and it was hot!  She happily put it on and wore it the rest of the day.  That warms my heart more than the weather!

modeling her vest

I’ve learned over the years to involve her in any kind of decision that has to do with clothes.  I didn’t tell her what I was making but took her to the shop with me to pick out a color.  Didn’t she do a good job picking out this beautiful green?

wooden buttons

I made her the Plain Vest by Pickles using 2 skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn in Fern.  The pattern for the first year is free but the other sizes you have to buy.  Although she usually runs in the smaller sizes, I decided to knit the vest in the 7-8 size because I was worried she would outgrow the 5-6 too quickly.  So glad I did that, because it fits her so nicely!

acting silly

I had kind of taken a knitting hiatus, so it felt good to bring out the needles again.  Now I’m in full knitting fever with Christmas gifting on the brain.

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sweet baby knits

baby socks

baby hat

I can’t talk about baby knits without inserting the word sweet in front.  I finished these little knits last week but wanted to wait to post until they were delivered to their recipient.  In about 3-6 months, I hope baby Dax looks smashing in his little outfit.  As I held this new arrival, I realized that it has been over a year since I held a newborn.  I love how they feel so good in your arms.  Don’t worry.  No baby fever here, just enjoying the little bundles around me. 🙂

The hat was a smaller version of Jeremy’s Mountain Air Hat, and the socks are from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

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