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reverie guesthouse


In the beginning of last year, I started a new little venture in the world of guesthouse businesses. I never really aspired to do something like this, but I’m so glad I did. I realized how much I love creating inviting spaces filled with beautiful things that make people smile. One of my favorite things is to see people’s reaction as they walk in and {positively} comment on the space.

January 2016, I listed BEAUTIFUL ARTSY AFRICAN RETREAT on Airbnb. I was ready for business! We didn’t get a booking until March. I wondered if this was a good idea after all. I didn’t get into this for my own sake.

I did it to provide an income for others while at the same time teaching business skills and imparting my high standard for excellence in everything you do.


I did it to invite people of all walks of life to come to this place where we invite Jesus to abide. Our strict policy from the beginning has been that we don’t discriminate against ANYONE.

And, unashamedly, I did it to make money. Is a business successful if it doesn’t make any money? We have a beautiful property here in S. Africa. It’s a win win to use our space to make a little extra rands for running costs.

I guess all we needed was a booking to get the momentum going.

By July, because of the number of trips we had hosted and our excellent ratings, we had risen to Superhost status (and have maintained it since).


In October, we added our second listing, BEAUTIFUL OASIS IN THE AFRICAN BUSH (these photos are a glimpse of that space).

Sometime, in the last quarter of 2016, our two listings made it to the top two spots when you google top White River Airbnb accommodations.

By December 31st, 2016, we had hosted 130 guests from 20 nations!

As I review my reasons for getting into this, I’m pleased that I’m right on track as we enter our second year. I’m so glad I get to do this guesthouse thing with this lovely lady who constantly makes me laugh and amazes me with her growth posture and shared drive to make a space that is clean, clean, clean.


We’ve certainly hosted people from all walks of life! One night we had a husband and wife Muslim couple staying with us who said one of the best things they loved about staying at our place was the people (we do have a pretty spectacular bunch) and how it’s always great to meet people like us. The very next night we had a gay Jewish couple stay with us who thanked us for our warm hospitality. I believe Jesus calls us to be a lover of people, and I’m so glad that people who meet us for the first time feel that when they sleep in our beds.

And we did make money! It’s always nice to recoup your startup costs AND make money on top of that.

Here’s to a successful 2016 and an even better 2017!

Africa Fun Ministry

love feast 2014

love feast table

This post is, like, so last year. It actually is. But remember that two or three month hiatus when I wasn’t around? Life still went on. Things still happened, and now you get to hear about them. 🙂

love feast menu

We had our second annual Love Feast last November. I love this tradition! Our leadership team here in S. Africa serves a meal to all of our staff and then afterwards we get to enjoy all the talent that our crew possesses. It’s fabulous.

the guests

We hosted it in my backyard. Our numbers were small at that time of year, so it was a perfect, intimate spot AND no one saw our decorating until they arrived.

The tables were simple…white tablecloths, white taper candles, and pink bougainvillea (that stuff is everywhere here, but it’s perfect for our parties). I loved the dessert…a selection of truffles! So fun!

macbeth dancing2


80's dancing

Then we get to the talent portion. Sorry, friends, but these photos will now be out there. Michael Jackson dancing, cultural dancing, 80’s dancing? What? You guys were the ones wearing those ridiculous outfits clothes. I only documented it.

cool guys

I stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone when our team that works with training here in SA did a mash up. The grand finale? Me, lip syncing DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win. No one got a photo with my camera so there’s proof here, but I swear I did it.

Here’s to celebrating life with a few laughs and looking ridiculous!

Africa Family Ministry Travel

price family in action :: kenya


the joshuas

Still reflecting on our Kenya trip and thankful that we got to as a family. These are the moments that I’m amazed by God’s goodness, that we get the privilege to go and love on kids all over the world. As a Mama, I can’t tell you how great it is to see your kids loving like Jesus would.

free ride

Gathering A Crowd

This trip was hard. The first week and a half we lived in an abandoned hotel in a slum. I’m not even lying. We walked about an hour every morning for a day of serving, loving, and giving and then walked an hour home after all that. Not once did they complain about all the walking or the different food they were eating. They were rockstars.

Thumbs Up


see the rockstar?

The Kenyan kids loved them! I think the whole slum knew their names, and I’m pretty sure we could have married Joshua off if we wanted to. It’s not often that a blond haired, blue eyed boy comes around.


hand clap game

Jeremy just returned from Kenya yesterday. He was back in that same slum and all those kids wanted to know were where Joshua and Emma Grace were. Apparently coming back without them was a stupid idea.

me and the kids

we're cool

It probably was, because they’re rockstars. 🙂

Africa creativity in the studio Ministry

in the studio :: royalty

Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! It’s been a busy week around these parts! Last week I mentioned that our discipleship school started. It’s been great so far! We’ve also had guests visiting us from England and they were an integral part of helping us host our second ever Day of Royalty!

the bus arrives

so happy!

registration line

photo booth

Let me just tell you about Day of Royalty. It’s a day where we bring all the kids that we work with in nearby communities to our campus for a day of royal treatment. It’s a chance for them to come out of the chaos and experience some hope and peace. They were treated like kings and queens, princes and princesses. They got to jump on jumping castles and make crowns. They got to go on a treasure hunt and dress up for the photo booth. They got to just have fun and be kids for a whole day.

face painting

so cute


It’s always a lot of work but ALWAYS worth it. As you can imagine, there’s so much creativity that goes into this. From figuring out how to line up and register over 400 kids to decorating crowns and painting faces. It’s an event that takes all hands on deck which is precisely what we had. I wish you all could have been here to see it, but I pray the photos give you a glimpse of how incredible this day was!


coming out of the jumping castle


group photo

Now it’s your turn! Remember your “studio” can be anywhere. Let’s celebrate each other’s creativity by linking up and visiting as many as the other studios as you can. Check out the about post for more info and don’t forget to grab the In The Studio button!