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passion fruit mousse {recipe}

Passion Fruit Mousse

I love trying foods from all over the world. Recently, I asked my very great friend, Patricia, to teach me how to make passion fruit mousse, a delicious, light dessert from Brazil. SO good! Head over to Petit Elefant to pin the recipe and try it for yourself!

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banana braai 101

south african banana braai

banana braai



I hope the photos have done the talking here. Banana braais are one of the best things ever (food wise) that I’ve learned living in South Africa. It’s super easy and super fun, and you can tailor it to your health preferences! I’m sharing all about the wonderful-ness of banana braais over at Petit Elefant. Do join me there!


donut day with cinnamon roll donuts

While we were in the states, Emma G talked about how we often did “Donut Day.” Honestly, I can remember once, maybe twice, that we actually dubbed a day donut day. Apparently it was enough of an impression to stick in her mind.


She’s recently been talking about resurrecting “Donut Day.” The only problem? I have never once seen a donut shop in South Africa. Sure, you see donuts for sale in the grocery store at the bakery, but it just isn’t the same. Can I get an amen, my American friends?


So, what does any good mother do when her child is sweetly asking for something that doesn’t exist? Go to Pinterest, of course. There you’ll find thousands (exact count is unconfirmed, but it sure seemed like thousands) of donut recipes. I chose to go with a baked donut. I know, they’re filled with sugar which equals unhealthy, but I figure omitting the fried part was the least I could do. I also had to settle on using a muffin tin instead of a donut pan.

Who has one of those anyways?

Emma G kindly informed me that they weren’t “real” donuts because they weren’t the same shape. However, both my kids ate not one, but two of these babies. I do believe these cinnamon roll baked donuts will be making a comeback soon.


crescent rolls with apple and brie

crescent rolls

Do you ever go on a Pinterest pinning spree of food? I know I do. I think it’s almost like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You start to buy more than what’s on your list. When I see beautiful photos of food, my eyes are drawn and before you know it, I’ve pinned it. Have I made most of the things on my Pinterest Food board? Of course not. But they’re there just in case I’m inspired to try something new.

Like the other day.

It was a Sunday afternoon and apple and brie crescent rolls were calling my name. Other than my obsession with homemade bread, I have no idea why I had to make these on this particular day, but I did. While the rolls were rising and the oven was pre-heating, the power went out. Seriously? Didn’t Eskom know I was in the middle of something that would make my taste buds scream with delight? Well, obviously not. I forgave them and waited. It was worth it.

apple & brie crescent rolls

I’ve always been inclined to bake from scratch, but living in Africa has taught me to do it even more. If you’re a pop the can and roll the crescent roll kind of gal, I’m telling you, you’re missing out. These treats are to die for. They’re awesome by themselves, but stick a slice of a granny smith apple and a sliver of brie and you will be oohing and aahing. Don’t take my word for it. Try them yourselves and be sure to use Lemon Sugar’s recipe. Ooh. Aah.


orange julius {recipe}

Orange Julius is like a refreshing, oh so good, memory in a glass for me. I have such happy childhood memories of childhood Summers at grandma’s house. One of those happy memories is going to the mall for Orange Julius.

citrus bliss

It’s citrus season here in S. Africa which means oranges are everywhere and can be found cheap on the side of the road. (Although I have found that if I ask, “How much are the oranges?” the answer is R20, and if I ask, “Are they R12 (the normal non-white skin rate)?” the answer is yes. Smile.) It’s this time of year that a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice can almost always be found in our fridge. It’s the perfect treat for weekend brunches.

The other day brought me back to childhood memories of Orange Julius and I thought, “Surely I can find a recipe.” My husband declared he wasn’t an orange juice and milk kind of guy. However, one sip and he loved it.

orange julius

Citrus bliss.

My kids are now hooked on it, too, which means not only do I have freshly squeezed orange juice in the fridge but also all ingredients on hand to make Orange Julius. And the recipe…

Orange Julius

2 servings

1 cup frozen orange juice (I use freshly squeezed), slightly thawed
1 cup orange juice, not frozen
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tablespoons sugar

Combine in blender.

I like my Orange Julius slightly slushy, hence the frozen juice.

Recipe adapted from here.