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Community Thoughts

Service or Solidarity?

The work we do in the non-profit world can easily be seen as an act of service. However, I’ve been challenged lately to shift my thinking to looking at it as an act of solidarity. Service implies a vertical relationship. Solidarity implies a horizontal, “we’re in this together” kind of relationship. In the spirit of empowerment, solidarity jives much more with me.


10 Things

Every Friday, I will be posting 10 things I’m grateful for. Join along with me by posting your blog link in the comments of your own 10 things or simply comment with what you’re thankful for.

1. Receipts. I’m always telling Jeremy not to throw away receipts. It’s not that I want to tear down trees exactly, but I use them to score points that I redeem for Amazon gift cards. My favorite app for doing this is Fetch. I’m unashamedly going to give you my referral code. It’s 1Y6ND. Use that, and we’ll both get extra points! I’ve used Ibotta as well although I find it’s much more labor intensive than Fetch. If you’re interested in that one, my referral code is owapgev. This isn’t a cheap ploy at financial gain, but I’m guessing some of you are like me in that you get giddy over saving a buck or earning money without much effort.

2. Trips to nowhere that remind you to shake off the disappointment, and go with the flow.

3. An afternoon with my girl. I promised her I wouldn’t post the photo we took in front of the big wooden bear. Not that I need a photo to show we had a good time.

4. Puzzles! I love doing them although Emma G says I have a problem. Once I start one, I can’t stop. I bought this one at a 2nd hand store. I thought it was missing a piece until I found it on the floor all chewed up. Oh, this crazy dog of ours!

5. Rainy afternoons in the mountains. Perfect reading weather.

6. Apple cinnamon oat muffins. When I had to go gluten free last year, it was a bummer, because I love bread and pastries. It’s hard to find good gluten free recipes, but this one is excellent.

7. Finishing a book. Such a great feeling. Now I’m on to the next one… Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

8. Salvation sauce? We seriously saw this in a store yesterday.

9. Conversation. The end of last week I was feeling pretty heavy from recent events. Conversation with God, my husband, and my kids has done wonders.

10. Law & Order marathons. We have DISH up here in the mountains and it seems like some channel is always airing Law & Order marathons. Love that show.

What are you thankful for?

Family Kids Thoughts

Let It Go

Yesterday we decided to take a drive to Sunspot to the observatory there. I couldn’t find online if it was open, but I thought the drive would be nice, and we could at least see the observatory from the outside. Plus, the best views of the Tularosa Basin are from Sunspot and the drive there. Well, winding up the mountain made a backseat passenger feel carsick. The observatory was closed. You couldn’t even drive in to see it. And the best viewpoint of the basin along the road? Only Jeremy and I got out to look. It was not at all what I had planned for the day. I realized, though, that there was a point in time where a day like yesterday would have put me in a serious bad mood. Feeling responsible that we couldn’t see the observatory, burdened by the bickering from the backseat, wasting gas to drive nowhere. Over the years, though, and especially living with teenagers, I’ve learned to let those things go, because plans don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes you just have to make the best of the moment, and be responsible for your own attitude, because you can’t control the attitude of others.

In an effort to redeem our two hours in the car, we stopped at a local bakery for a cookie. I’ve always said chocolate makes everything better. Yesterday it sure did. Walk in a good attitude, and eat some chocolate today, friends.


God Colors

“Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don’t think I’m going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand — shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:14 (Message version)

I was stopped in my tracks by this verse from the Bible yesterday. With all the talk of color, I was struck by how he talks about being a light and bringing out the God-colors. I love that analogy. I also love how he talks about being generous with our lives and the results of that. I want to be someone who generously exudes love and kindness to everyone. Even though that is my heart intention, I have no doubt that I have said and done things along the way, unintentionally, that have caused hurt or pain to someone who is different than me. Today, let’s all examine ourselves and be ever mindful of our words. Some of us would never say we are racist, but every time we single out someone who is different than us in a negative connotation, we are being racist.

The only way to be a bright spot, a light, in the midst of so much pain, suffering, and heartache, is to generously love others as God so generously loves humankind.

Fun Thoughts

10 Things

Every Friday, I will be posting 10 things I’m grateful for. Join along with me by posting your blog link in the comments of your own 10 things or simply comment with what you’re thankful for.

1. Jobs that allow us to work from anywhere. My current office consists of a lounge chair on a deck overlooking the Sacramento Mountains with the occasional hummingbird and elk visit.

2. Driving lessons. We’ve moved from a quad to a real car. Pops, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. She’s only driving to the trash bin and back.

3. Outdoor grills. We’ve grilled everyday this week. Everything is just so much better on the grill.

4. That Jeremy Price has been found. It’s been a long time coming.

5. Decks. With outdoor tables. I’ve always wanted a deck with an outdoor table on it. It has made eating dinner the past week an event as we eat, talk, play games, and enjoy nature. Warms my mama’s heart.

6. Needy dogs? Not sure if I’m entirely grateful for that but… Her happy place is being outside, only if someone is out there with her. As I sit and work with her by my side, I guess I’m grateful that we were able to bring her over from South Africa before travel restrictions and everything hit.

7. People. With all the unrest going on in our country right now, I’m just grateful for people of all colors from all places. It makes the world beautiful.

8. Organization. I rest so much better when everything has a place, and it’s in it. Sometimes it drives my family crazy.

9. My quilt! My mother-in-love has been on a mission to make everyone in the family a quilt. I got mine right before our trip to New Mexico. She was spot on in picking out the color scheme. I love it!

10. Binge watching season 3 of Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, because one, sometimes it’s good to make yourself be still and two, I just love his quirkiness. The only bad thing is that it gives me the travel itch which is not good right now!

What are you thankful for?