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Small Flips: Side Table Edition

In the midst of the BIG navy credenza, I picked up some free pieces here and there and worked on them when I needed a quick project that brought the satisfaction of completion.

The easiest one was the telephone table. It just required some gluing, a sanding, and then fresh stain and poly. Pretty simple but definitely looks much better!

Next up was a little table that took way more time than it was worth. It had a slightly bent leg. After cutting some of the bottom off, the bend still showed. I did everything…soaked it in water and then used clamps to bend it back into place. In the end, it’s not perfect, but it was the best I could do. I re-stained and sealed the top with Minwax Dark Walnut and replaced the knob with this cute one from Amazon.

And finally. My favorite quick flip. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before of this one. I so wish I did. It was an orangey wood color with an old formica laminate top. But it had these really cool legs on it. I ditched the top and got Jeremy to help me replace it with a piece of walnut we had. I painted it white and updated the pulls. And then I polished up the legs and painted the bottom of the leg gold to match the pulls.

There’s a lot of free furniture out there. I’m so glad I was able to rescue these pieces!

creativity Furniture

The Navy Credenza

I think when you are starting something new, you should start small because 1. It’s less overwhelming and 2. It lets you try the waters and accomplish something faster to see if you really like it. I was unwise and started big with my first furniture redo. I was a gifted a solid wood credenza that had been stripped of some paint. I hate unfinished projects, so I wanted to finish it and also free up the space in my garage. It took me about 8 months to finish this thing. It was my first project to start but not my first one to finish. I got slightly overwhelmed along the way and would pause and work on something that had a faster return. The day we moved this piece into the house was a happy day indeed.

Here’s what I did to breathe new life into this piece…

  1. I had Jeremy trim the edge of the top piece to give it a slightly more modern look. I had to do some repair after the trim. I got frustrated with wood filler and switched to Bondo. That stuff is amazing.
  2. I ordered short 3″ legs for the piece from Amazon. I love legs on furniture and these did not disappoint. That little lift was perfect.
  3. I wanted a monochrome look, so I painted the whole thing navy. I wanted a nice look without the lines that come from a paintbrush, so I got the bright idea to use spray paint…Rustoleum Ultra Matte in True Navy to be exact. While I LOVE the look it gave, it was not economical for this big piece. Realizing, though, that I loved the finish prompted me to buy a paint sprayer for future projects, so I guess it was a win in that way.
  4. Finally I updated the handles to a gold pull. Perfection.

I love the little updates that gave this piece a more modern look. It’s perfect for the record player and vinyl collection!