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Life Is Like A Game of Hopscotch

Ok, so I don’t know if life is really like a game of Hopscotch. Forrest Gump had a clever comparison when he said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Let’s see if I can create some clever comparisons. Life is like a game of hopscotch…

It’s best played with friends.

You never know how long it’s going to take.

Don’t take it too serious that you forget to laugh.

Go through it with the wonderment of a child.

It can tire you out.

Sometimes you gotta throw a rock at it.

None of these are Earth shattering revelations that you’ll be quoting on social media, but it’s fun nonetheless. Feel free to add your own comparison to the comments.

PS: So that the video wasn’t a long, boring rendition of me jumping, I decided to shorten the middle to keep you watching. 😂🤷‍♀️